rising the best breed of every generation

A'rqamHouse Schools

unique purpose-driven educational institution, proffering genuine scholarship, through strategic instillation of a blend of comprehensive composite educational contents,

Our Vision

to develop, in every pupil, a resourceful, seasoned and skilled intellectual, impacting the world with immense
value and great influence.

Our Mission

To instill, in every pupil, a blend of quality, comprehensive and composite educational contents, enriched with sterling values and skills that guarantee optimized potentialities

Core Values

1. Our Treasured Resource:- Knowledge .
2. Our Core Techniques:- Analyzation and Internalization.
3. Our Brands:- Productiveness and effectiveness.


Islamic Courses

Effective and simultaneous administration of hybrid curricula in secular,
Arabic, and Islamic courses.

Communication Skills

Mastery of the languages (Arabic and English) and broad – based
communication skills .


Analytical study and memorisation of the Qur’aan and hundreds of

Aptitude Building

Aptitude building and general mind enhancement activities, for
developed intelligence quotient (IQ) and coordinated reasoning .